The Keepers

The Keepers of Gloomwrought are mystery made manifest. Despite constant attempts to learn more about the creatures and their enigmatic goals, the reclusive Keepers baffle all. They rarely interact with the city’s inhabitants, though they occupy nearly every street corner in the city. As they studiously examine the buildings, the creatures speak only in a series of guttural clicks. For the most part, the Keepers seem content to leave the other inhabitants of the city alone, provided no one interferes with their maintenance.

Keepers rarely interact with others. When anyone asks a keeper what it’s doing or where it came from, the Keeper ignores the question, avoids looking at the questioner, and keeps working. No sage has any record of a Keeper responding to such a query.

Most citizens of Gloomwrought assume that the Keepers serve Prince Rolan, and that they are responsible for the constantly changing landscape of the city. No one int he city recalls a time when the Keepers were not there, quietly toiling in the background. The creatures might predate Gloomwrought, and some think the Keepers built the city with their own hands.

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The Keepers

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